Big Sale and Read 180 Labels

Just in case you haven't heard from Teachers Pay Teachers and every other blogger out there...
Please make sure to swing by Teachers Pay Teachers and support your fellow teachers by picking up a little something to get you through the next few hectic pre-holiday weeks.

Earlier this month, I ventured into previously unexplored territory and started playing around with making my own labels.  I wasn't finding anything I really liked for my new Read 180 Next Generation library.  So, I made my own!
I have always loved the red and turquoise color combination.  Probably because at the old ranch house, my grandma's kitchen was all done in red and turquoise.  She had this awesome kitchen table with red vinyl chairs.  The plates were turquoise melmac (or were those just my mother's?).
In any case, I made a different design for each Lexile level.  Not that the kids will really notice, but it makes me happy.
These are all printed out and ready to go get laminated as soon as Lakeshore opens up.  I made oval ones too, but I am not really sure if I am going to sell any of them.  I am not sure how that part of TPT really works.  However, I will put the labels up with a few blanks for a super low price (there are too many pages for a freebie).  Please remember that the titles may differ slightly from what you have in your library.  It just depends if you added to it or kept books from the Enterprise edition.  These are about 3.5 by 3.25 inches.  They were made to fit on my Ikea cardboard magazine holders.  If you do buy them, please be kind.  This is a stretch for me!  

I spent a lot of time this week trying to make a product that I will never use in my classroom, and I realized at 1:30 a.m. that I had had strayed from my mission.  So just to reaffirm what my "store" is all about...

I will only create and sell products that I use in my classroom.

There are plenty of very successful and talented sellers on TPT who offer a wide range of products that cross grade levels and disciplines.  They have wonderful products and I totally respect them.  I am really not sure how they do it, and am in awe of them!  However, at this point, I am not straying from what I actually use in my classroom.  I will only put on TPT the products that have worked well for me.  I agonize over each and every one before I push that submit button.  It is just my personality.  I am a seriously an obsessive perfectionist, who is very organized and selfish about her personal time.  Plus, I am getting old and

This post was more for me than for anyone else.  I got a little crazy-pants this week trying to make everyone else happy. 

Please head over to Teachers Pay Teachers to make your wishlist!  Sale starts tomorrow!

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