Next To Last Day

Tomorrow is our last day.  It will be a minimum day, fast and furious from start to finish.  Today was our next to last day, and it was perfect.   While I supervised a few students making a last ditch effort to bring up their grades, the rest of the class worked on mosaics...

They worked out a system of helping each other tape the paper up and trace, without fighting or arguing.  They just sweetly took turns and were helpful to one another.

The only disagreement was about whether the new scissors were turquoise or blue.  Yes, we found a box of new scissors hiding behind the paint supplies.  Oh, getting to use the new scissors was like winning the lottery!
Did I mention that they painted "Greek pottery" and didn't make a mess?  We had one broken pot, and four of them sat on the floor giggling while they glued it back together.  They were very pleased with themselves because they were "like real archaeologists."

I think I forgot to mention that they did all of this while listening to my Sound of Music soundtrack.  Despite my begging, they drew the line at holding hands and singing Do-Re-Mi on the way to lunch.  They are adorable, but not saints.  I took them out a minute early, and they were the first in line.  They were so happy.
A little elf may have made them cookies tonight.

I am going to be a mess tomorrow when that final bell rings.  This group has been a sweet blessing amidst a year of Common Core chaos.