Remembering Student's Names and Emergency Clipboard

I have to admit that I use "sweetie" a lot the first few weeks, because I really have a hard time with names.  This year I wanted to try and give myself some hints to make that process a little faster!

1.  I took their pictures holding their name plates
2.  Then I dropped their pictures into Powerpoint, labeled them with their names, and arranged them alphabetically in the Slide Sorter.
3.  Finally, I printed out the slides six to a page.

In fact, not only did I do this for my teacher notebook and sub binder, but also for field trips and emergencies.   It seems as if primary-elementary teachers do this before field trips, but at middle school it rarely happens.  When we go on a field trip, I always insist on "buddy" pictures before we start.  They just think it is for a bulletin board or the end of the year slide show, but that way I know what they are wearing that day and who they are with in case the worst happens.  My fellow teachers have been known to roll their eyes at me, but it made feel better prepared to help them if they really needed it.

In case of a real emergency and we have to evacuate, or another teacher has to help me find one of my students in the aftermath of the chaos, these pictures will be in sheet protectors on the Emergency Clipboard.  Living in Southern California, earthquakes and wild fires are a very real possibility. 

In California, we are responsible for our students during an emergency and cannot leave campus to check on our own families and homes until we are released by an administrator.  If you do leave before getting permission, you can lose your credential.  I would assume it is the same in other states.  This way, I have pictures and phone numbers with me on the field.  One of my nightmares is BEING at school if a disaster strikes, and another nightmare is NOT BEING with my students.  Having their pictures with the emergency clipboard makes me feel better.

This was super easy to do, and I really encourage you to do something similar for your students.  I would love to hear what you do to prepare!

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  1. This is SUCH a fabulous idea! I'm totally stealing this! I do learning style/personality tests on day 3 and their homework is to create a 4x6 notecard with their name and some other info. I think before they turn in their card, I'll take their pic with it. It's a great idea for learning names, but even more so for emergencies and sub binder! Thanks for the idea!!!