10 Days and Counting

Have you ever had one of those years? 
When you're counting down to summer, and ready to recharge for a new year.

Since I posted last...
  • My washer machine filled up all night and flooded my house.  Which meant that I got to deal with the insurance, the cleanup crews, the carpet people, the moving crew, a huge mess, and reorganizing.  It could have been worse, way worse, and I count my blessings.
  • Then my garage door started randomly going up and down in the middle of the night.  It finally just fell off...at 11:00pm on Christmas Eve.  So thankful for good neighbors!
  • I got the worst case of the flu ever recorded.  This I might be exaggerating about, but four nights of sleeping on the bathroom floor, six days of 100 plus fever, and the subsequent dehydration, and weeks of exhaustion and weakness might have made my memory a little foggy.  And then a month later, it turned in to a whopper of a sinus infection.  But the silver lining in this was that it magically reset my metabolism and I have lost about forty pounds (and I am not missing those at all).  Before you ask...I just had a physical - all is good.
This last month at school I have heard these things actually coming out of my mouth...
  • "He wasn't mad-dogging you.  He is autistic."
  • "Just because he looked at you doesn't mean you can body slam him.  People do not just go around body slamming other people."
  • "If I catch you crawling around on the floor and under desks again, you will have a timeout, on another planet."
  • "If one more person runs with scissors they are all disappearing and you will be tearing paper for the rest of the year."
  • "Yes, when I said it was due on Friday, I actually meant that it was really due on Friday. Yes, this Friday."
  • "The paper?  You mean the lined paper that we use every day?  The paper is in the same place it has been in since August."
  • "Rulers are not lightsabers.  Put them down.  Put them down now.  You do realize that I can actually see you, put them down."
Yesterday, I had this conversation with a student...
  • Me: "Where were you?  Mr. --------- said you never came to his room for timeout." 
  • Student: "I went there."
  • Me: "No, you did not.  Where were you?"
  • Student: "I was in his room."
  • Me: "No, you were not.  Where did you go?"
  • Student: "I went to room 105, but first I went to the bathroom."
  • Me: "I sent you to room 106.  You went to room 105?"
  • Student: "Yeah, I went to room 104."
  • Me:  "You went to room 104?"
  • Student: "No, I went to room 105, just like you told me."
  • Me: [deep sigh] "Which is it, 105 or 104?"
  • Student; [deep sigh] "Well, now I am confused.  Anyway, I didn't stay there very long.  He sent me to the lady's room when they went to lunch."
  • Me: "Which lady?"
  • Student: "The lady over there." [pointing into our pod, filled with only female teachers]
  • Me: "Did you finish your work?"
  • Student: "Yep, well...not all of it, but most of it.  Can I go to P.E. now?"

Oh, and this year, not last year when I felt as if I had reached every child and was an amazing teacher, but this year...site Teacher of the Year.

So, this year I am counting down.  I don't normally.  But this year, I am counting down.   Once it is over, I will recharge and plan for next year.  My assignment is changing slightly and I have decided that maybe a change is needed.  Change is good.

And so is gelato...I deserve it.  It might get me through the next 10 days.

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