Interactive Long Division Update!

Shocking, I know!  I have been a very bad blogger.  As I was searching for a little more balance and less stress in my life, blogging got temporarily benched.  This school year, I hope to be sharing on a more regular basis.

This is just a short post to let you know that I have updated my Interactive Long Division packet in my TpT store.  After several questions and requests to provide mats with longer divisors/dividends, decimals, and fractions as remainders, and after several attempts to do so, I finally got it to work!

The revised packet contains 28 Interactive Long Division Mats which is 12 more than the original version.  Included in the new mats are Extended Mats for larger divisors/dividends - up to 3 digit divisors and 5 digit dividends.

Plus, the option to write remainders as fractions.

And of course, I included decimal tiles.

All of this is in one zip, and if you have already purchased my original version, all you have to do to update is download again!  You are welcome!  I probably should have made a different product and charged you for it, but that is just not me.  I will NEVER be on that Top 100 Sellers list from TpT, lol!  More power to those amazing teachers, but I am just not comfortable with the "selling" part of it all.

Back to School Night is this week, be sure to check back next weekend for a tour of my room.  For now, here is a little peek.

Have a great week!  Oh, and please think good thoughts for me!  I have Jury Duty on Monday!  That is not what I want to be doing in the 2nd full week of school!  So think, "Your jury duty is cancelled, your group will not be needed..."

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