Bad Blogger

Bad Blogger!  I am so sorry, but I have been down the rabbit hole recently.  It happens every time I take a class.  I sit for hours at the computer with Stargate and Richard Dean Anderson playing in the background - don't judge me, it is my happy place.  My final meeting was this afternoon, and let me just say that I was a little over-prepared.  The people who presented after me were not happy.  Reflecting on it, I think that I might have been a little bit of an over-achiever with a dash of OCD. Anyhow, it is now over and I can take a breath.

As I was saying, I am a bad blogger because I should have been reminding you of the big SALE over at TPT!  Since I am pretty sure every other blogger was reminding you of it, I will let myself slide on that one!  However, I did want to let you know that my "I Can" Statements for 6th Grade Math - Common Core - are up finally and ready for you to buy!

115 "I Can" Statements broken down into kid and lesson friendly chunks.  This is the kind of stuff that sends me down the rabbit hole.
 I will share my finished room tomorrow!  I am so happy with it!  That is another reason why I have been down the rabbit hole lately.  Orientation is tomorrow, and I have to get some rest or my brain will explode.  I promise to share pictures of the classroom tomorrow! 

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