A Peek At My Week

Labor Day Weekend, how do I love thee?  Please, let me count the ways!  Oh man, did I need a three day weekend!  It gives me just enough time to be a little lazy and not feel guilty about not grading papers!  Also, it gives me plenty of time to link up with Jennifer of Mrs. Laffin's Laughings for her A Peek At My Week linky.

Sunday:  The laundry is done, the yard work is almost done, and that just leaves cleaning the house and grocery shopping.  I managed to get most of the yard work done early last night, but my stupid lawn mower died again.  It just got back from spending a week in the shop, so I am not happy.  Before the grocery shopping, Hank and I are going to Petsmart for a little shopping/field trip.  Since starting work, we have been walking at 5am.  There are not any other people out walking dogs at that hour.  Consequently, Hank thinks he owns the world.  On our walk yesterday, he was not very nice when we encountered other dogs.  He needs a little reinforcement in a controlled environment.  After the shopping and cleaning is completed, then I want to get going with grading papers.  Later on, when it cools down, I will give my lawn mower another chance and try to finish the back yard - cross your fingers for me!

Monday:  We are going to be up early and go for a long walk!  Yesterday, we went way up past the park to the end of the street.
From my house, it was 1.7 miles and my according to my FitBit, 48 flights of stairs.  A few months ago I was afraid to even try the hike to the park, so I am pretty impressed with myself.
This was the view looking back, and it does not do the climb justice because it drops off steeply past those last trees.  Tomorrow, I want to it again and go up past the No Outlet sign and around the curve.  I think I am a lot more fit and stronger than I give myself credit for because I am not sore today at all.  I need to stop being afraid and challenge myself just a little bit more!  I am woman, hear me roar!

Tuesday: I get to go back to my classroom and see these adorable Mini-Me-Maroos hanging on the wall.

I am so glad that I made that frantic all over the town trip to get them the supplies to re-do them!  They were so happy when I told them that they could start over!  They were not happy with them either.  Parents were thrilled!
We put them up all over the back of the room.
One of my girls told me, "It makes me happy when I come in and see our Mini-Me-Maroos."  Well, it makes me happy that they feel that way about our room!  We are starting to research for our Otzi project, and while watching a video on Friday, I caught a group of them turning around and talking.  Just before I reminded them to watch the video, one of them said to me, "Our Mini-Me-Maroos are dressed like the Iceman!  We are dressed like the Iceman."  Connection made!  So, Otzi the Iceman projects are coming up!

Wednesday:  I need to prepare for a sub on Wednesday.  One of my sisters fell at work last week and broke her wrist and arm.  She is having surgery on Wednesday to put it back together with plates and screws.  I am taking her.  When I told my kids that I was going to be out and why, they all nodded, and one of the girls said, "Sisters come first."  That is kind of group I have this year:).  They asked for another packet like the last one - one of Lovin' Lit's sub day packets.

Thursday:  My Read 180 materials finally came, and the software is mostly up and running.  Hopefully, we will be starting to walk-through rotations for Read 180.  I plan on spending the whole morning doing just that along with lessons for finding the right Lexile level book for independent reading.  The afternoon will be spent working on our Otzi projects.

Friday:  More practice rotations and hopefully getting on the software for Read 180.  Greatest Common Denominator will be our math lesson.  And the afternoon will be split between Otzi and the Marshmallow Challenge idea that I am stealing from Joanne over at Heads Over Heels For Teaching.

More complete pictures of my room for Back to School Night can be found in my last Five for Friday post!  Don't forget to go over and check out what everyone else is planning for their week at Mrs. Laffin's Laughings!


  1. The back of your room is so cute!! Love it!! And you have so many student computers. Wow!

    Wild About Fifth

  2. My Fitbit has been getting a real workout these past couple of days. We are going on a beautiful walk today too - about 5 km. It is a beautiful day here today. I hope your day is great too!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  3. Yay for you for doing so much walking! That is so awesome!! I hate it when my lawnmower stops working. Of course, it only happens when I need it the most. Hope you got the job finished last night. Have an amazing week and I'm glad you will be there to take care of your sister. Yes, they do come first! :)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings