A Peek At My (Last Lazy) Week (of Summer)

Summer is flying by!  I am getting more anxious with each Sunday.  It has been a wonderful lazy summer, and I will be sad to see it end in a few weeks.  That being said, I have a few things to get done this week!  So, here is a little Peek At My (Last Lazy) Week (of Summer) with Jennifer of Mrs. Laffin's Laughings!
First of all, I will be keeping a close eye on my mini-pack!  Since I put sod down in two sections, and seeded a small section of the little side-dog-yard, I have had it Hank-proof-fenced off.  That meant the gate into the big yard was left open at night, just in case they had to go.  Not anymore!  That big gate is closed and the Hank-proof-fence came down last night.  I decided that mountain lion spotted in the neighborhood beat perfect grass!
Pretty sure it will survive!
Yep, yesterday morning the Sheriff's department shot and killed a mountain lion (which is sad, but they were jumping from backyard to backyard in a very populated neighborhood) on the block just below my house!  There were actually two spotted, and they only got one. Pretty scary!  Really scary since I live between the mountains and the location where they were spotted.  That means they probably went through my neighborhood to get there!  Life in the foothills of the San Bernardino Nation Forest can be interesting, especially during a drought.

So this morning, when we went out for our walk, it was all I could do not to take the baseball bat with me.  Hank and Lucy told me that I was being ridiculous:).
"Open the gate, open the gate, open the gate..." I took their advice and we went on our walk.
They walk on a Y-yoke lead, but they have about 3ft of leash play between them and they walk this close the whole time.  They are so cute.  I slowed down to take this picture, usually they are to the left of me and slightly behind - I am the leader of this mini-pack!  We have been going on a 2mile-ish walk in the early morning, and then another leisurely 1 mile walk before bedtime.  I love our walks.  When school starts, we will have to do a boring, yet safe and well-lit, circuit around the block.  I have mapped out several safe early morning routes.  We will be doing laps, but since I will be walking them at 4:45a.m., safety comes first.

Aside from walking and babying the grass, I have been sewing pillow cases (check back tomorrow for a pictures!).  Last week, I hemmed curtains and made a few pillow cases for the master bedroom.
A few posts ago, I mentioned that I had been trolling antique stores.  Well, I found the floral tablecloth on the bottom.  I cut around the stains, and made a pillow.  The bedspread and shams are a dark gray, so I wanted a pop of color.  I got the solid pink to make a couple of smaller ones to help it pop!  Did I mention that I have been watching a lot of HGTV too?
These are the fabrics that I hope to be sewing up for a collection of pillows in the guest room.  The bedspreads are white, and the walls are a pretty taupe.  There is a tub of denim material (from my mom's stuff) that I plan to use with these pieces.  I am not so sure about the brown with swirls on the right...I love it, but not so sure I love it with the others...

Aside from walking and sewing, I have to get busy with school stuff!  I finally decided how to make my "I Can" statements.  It took a little bit, but I finally feel good about how I am organizing them.  Hopefully, they will be ready to share next week!

Usually, I am consumed with planning and creating stuff for school.  This summer, not so much.  This summer has been about de-stressing, relaxing, and getting healthy.  A little balance is a good thing, but I really have to step it up a little and get some school-related things done.  If not, I will be stressing before school actually starts, and that would defeat the purpose of the whole laid-back summer

Make sure to link up with Jennifer and see what other people are doing with their summer!


  1. Ummm...mountain lions?!? I think I'd be giving up my morning runs...lol

  2. I would carry a baseball bat, pepper spray and a stun gun (if I could find one) if I had mountain lions in my neighborhood. Stay safe, friend!


  3. We have coyotes out here that have been known to roam around ...EEK! Can't even imagine hearing about mountain lions roaming as well ( I'm sure they do!!)!

    Ignorance is bliss :) LOL Stay safe!


  4. That is so scary! We have had a lot more wild animal activity here too because of the drought. In the mountains a lot of bears are coming down. Take care of your babies!