Five for Friday and Puppy Day Weekend Sale!

It has been forever since I was able to link up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday, and this one will be random, short and sweet!

1.  My injury is definitely on the mend. Thank you!  I am one of those people who do not "sit" well.  I need to move, clean, organize, and create.  I actually feel the difference when my house is clean, and the yard is neat and trimmed.  This week, I spent every afternoon working in the yard for just a bit.  The front yard wasn't too difficult.  The back yard had not been mowed in FIVE weeks.  It took me two nights to weed whack it down to a height that the lawn mower could work.  And then three rounds of the lawn mower before I called it quits tonight.  Something tells me that it is not a wise thing to mow the lawn using the porch lights to guide you. 

2.  After several years of harassment and hostility from my friends and family regarding my stupid phone.  I gave in and got an iPhone.  On Monday, I finally entered the new millennium.
What was I thinking?  I love it, but of course it doesn't fit in my wallet!

3.  Homework!  I have had a cute little HOMEWORK pennant banner up on my board for the WHOLE year, and it still has every letter.  This week, after a serious mean teacher talk, my kids almost made it.  One kid left his at home.  I didn't give in, because this kid always leaves it "at home."  It killed me!   I didn't have to say a thing.  I just lavished points on everyone else, and I suspect that there was some serious positive peer pressure going on at lunch.  

4.  My sister was out of school today, and she came by to see me.  It was hysterical!  I thought she was going to get there before lunch, and told the kids that she was coming.  One of my students asked, "How are we going to know it is her?"  They are not allowed to open the door unless they know the adult.  I told them that they would know.  At lunch, I come out of the lounge and rushed up to the front office because I could hear this huge ruckus!  I thought that the secretaries needed help handling a fight or a riot.  It was a riot...of my kids.  They had seen my sister come on to campus, and had ran like maniacs to the office to introduce themselves.  My sister and I are obviously sisters, and they were fascinated by how much we looked alike.  They followed us to the classroom, chattering away at her.  Sometimes, they are just too cute...even if I still have every letter of HOMEWORK on my board.

5.  So, I decided to have a Puppy Day Holiday Weekend TpT Sale in my store!  This is a picture that my sister in law sent me of my puppy - she and my brother are fostering my puppy for me until school is out (yes, I know how lucky I am and how amazing that is:).
The first day, he totally fit in that little bed.  What follows is the text exchange between us.

Her reply was followed by a series of pictures that looked like this...


  1. Kids always get SO excited when family members visit. Cute story! And I love the puppy pics.
    Happy Saturday!
    Stuff Students Say and Other Classroom Treasures

  2. Don't you wish they could stay in puppyhood forever? So glad to hear you are on the mend. And you are right, don't use the porch lights to guide your way with the lawnmower. That's a good way to run over yourself. LOL!!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  3. That email exchange is priceless!!

  4. Susan,

    I was drawn to your blog because of the title at first (I work in a middle school too and sometimes I think our OCD balances out the craziness!). Then I started reading and it was too funny - my students whenever they see my phone always ask when I'm getting an iPhone! I tell them I'm waiting for them to get me it as a present!

    The lawn mowing you had to do actually made me jealous! I'm covered in snow over in CT and I miss the sun and actually visible grass!

    Then I read about how your sister looks a lot like you and I had to laugh! My sister and I both work in the same district and we look A LOT alike (we go shopping together too so we dress a lot alike too to make it worse!). Kids are always asking if we're twins - and I lie of course and say yes!

    Super excited to find your blog! Newest follower!