Only 12 Hours Left!

There are only 12 hours left in our "300" Celebration Giveaway!
We have some wonderful bloggy buddies who are celebrating with us!
You will need to visit their blogs in order to find the answers you need to unlock the Scavenger Hunt Prize folder.  Just in case you don't have them all on bloggy speed dial, links are provided below:)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway  
    Included in the Scavenger Hunt "Everyone Wins" prize folder is my Vertical Number Line for the classroom.
    Common Core recommends using a vertical number line for positive and negative integers.  Some of you might be asking why??  Well, just a few reasons are altitude, elevation, and temperature.  They love using those terms and concepts in word problems.  It is a little difficult to illustrate altitude on a horizontal number line.  

    Last summer, I played around with the idea of a making a vertical number line and even shared it.  But it was not the most practical of number lines.  As Elizabeth of Hodges Herald shared this morning, not everyone has a 12 foot wall to hang a giant number line on.  However, she did do a fantastic activity with her students using the giant number line, so go check it out!

    Over Thanksgiving break, I had time to spread out and create.  After numerous tries and revisions, I came up with a number line that I am really proud to show the world.
    Directions, options, and approximate sizes are included.
    Included in the Grand Prize folder, are my Vertical Number Lines for Students.
    These can be printed desk size or Interactive Notebook size.
    So, you still have time enter our "300" Celebration Giveaway, and get some awesome prizes (including my numberlines). 
    Or if you don't like Rafflecopters, feel free to go over to my TpT store and buy them.  Me, I would give the Rafflecopter a try first!  Just like my dad used to say, "You can't win if you don't play."

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