Post Christmas Apocalypse and Flash Freebie!

Well, Christmas is officially over.  Our family got together yesterday for an extended day of fun, eating, talking (lots of talking), and eating.  There might have been a few bottles of wine involved too.  Sisters, sister-in-laws, and wine really go together, right?  Wine that I actually got carded for when I bought it - best Christmas present, ever! 

As for the fun, picture grade school aged cousins running through the yard and house playing hide and seek...with their college age cousins (one qualifies as a giant) playing with them.  Not to mention my giant brother's mini-pin and my fluffy Lucy chasing each other around and around the house.  You know it is a Christmas party at my house when my brothers are using flashlights to hunt for the Nerf arrow that got shot five houses down the block, and one grown up has to make up a rule about "Nobody under the age of 16, steps off the sidewalk."  Good times!

There was lots of good food too!
This bread was so easy, and so delicious!  Flaky canned biscuits cut in half, placed together to form a "loaf."  Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese crammed in all the nooks and crannies, then a wonderful mixture of melted butter, roasted garlic salt, and parsley poured over the tops.  I cooked them at 375 for about a half hour, but I kept checking and watched them closely.  This pan was wiped out by the hordes of nieces, nephews, and brothers.

For dessert, I played with brownies.  I made the Reeses peanut butter cup ones.
And then I made these Rocky Road Brownies.....
To be honest, I am not sure I could ever (or should) duplicate this recipe.  I found my nephews and brothers gathered in the kitchen, eating out of the pan.  So rich, so gooey, and so very sinfully good!

My sisters and sister-in-laws took care of the main course with delicious enchiladas and tamale pie casseroles.  Which meant I didn't have to deal with any dead bird carcasses - always a good thing.
All in all, it was a great family day and I am really glad that I finally decorated for "Christmas."

Flash Freebie!
Finally, I know!  But I had to make sure you knew that I wasn't a total Grinch about Christmas:).    Onto the Flash Freebie that I just put up in my TpT store.  Earlier this year, I made a Book Recommendation form and threw it up on Google Docs.  To be honest, I was not really thinking about fonts, graphics, and giving proper credit.  So, now that I understand all that stuff, I revised it and gave credit where credit was due.  
You will not be able to access it on Google docs any longer, but it will be a FREEBIE until I wake up in the morning (I do admit to being an early riser, but on the West Coast:).  After that, it will be very inexpensive.  If you do pick it up, please click on that "follow" button and leave me love!

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