Interactive Long Division!

This is going to be short and sweet.

Just finished my Interactive Long Division packet!

It has all the stuff I love about Post It Note Long Division, but in a neater and reusable package.
It has a bunch of stuff in it...too tired to go through it all, but it has some of these....

And some of these....
And I just decided to put it up as a FLASH FREEBIE!  Here is the trick, it will only be up as long as it takes me to row 10,000 meters, shower, and get something to eat before falling into bed.  How long will that be, well it all depends on how tired I really am:).  While you are there, take a look at some of my updates and revisions.  I have been working on getting my store ready for the BIG SALE THIS MONDAY AND TUESDAY!  I could use a little love:)

Little update:  Finished my 10,000 meters, in my pj's and eating a turkey sandwich!  Thanks for checking it out.  BIG TPT SALE this Monday and Tuesday, be sure to visit and stock up for the Winter:).

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