October is all about the PINK!

There is a reason for everything...

Yesterday, I took my big Senior Citizen Yellow Lab into see the vet.  She is spoiled.  Usually, he comes to the house.  We decided that she needed some X-rays and tests.  She is almost 13, and recently she started skipping meals.  She is a Lab, they always eat.  

In between the X-rays and the stomach tap, she slipped the leash, pushed open the heavy glass door, and ran into the parking lot.  The vet dove for her, I jumped up off the couch and ran after her.  She just ran to the car.  She wanted to go home.

Her X-rays were clear, blood tests good, and as the vet said, "She is clearly not slowing down."

But I am.  I wrenched my foot chasing after her in my orthopedic granny sandals.  I taught multiples from my rolling chair today, and managed the classroom by shouting, "Hey you, stop that."  I went to get it checked out, and X-rayed.  Not broken, but strained the tendons.

While I was there, I made my appointment for a mammogram.  I managed to get it in before the month ended.  
On Halloween, I will be back in radiology.

If Maddie hadn't made a dash for the car, if I had been wearing my running shoes, if I had the luxury of staying off my foot for a week...I have to admit that I would have put it off.

 Have you made your appointment?

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  1. I'm glad your foot isn't broken - and that your dog is ok!! All the best with your check up! We don't get them here in New Zealand until we are 45 - so I'm good for a few more years!!

    Thanks for the reminder though

    The E-Z Class