Finally Five For Friday and Bigfoot Essays!

Life has been busy and tough the last few weeks.  So many good things and a few not wonderful things have been happening, that I am just plain exhausted at the end of the day.  All day I was reminding myself that today was Friday...and that no matter how tired and stuffy-nosed I was at the end of the day, I HAD TO post!  So here goes the first post in two weeks!

1.  1,009,487 words read by my 28 Read180/System44 students in our first quarter!  We issued a challenge today to our "rival" Read180 class and our administrators; 2, 275,000 words or more by Christmas!  If one class fails to meet the goal, they have to sing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on stage at lunch - with antlers and red noses.  If both classes meet or surpass the goal, then my fellow Read180 teacher, principal, assistant principal, and myself, will perform the carol by ourselves at lunch.  I am hoping to sing Rudolph!

2.  The Vampire Diaries...this is just plain embarrassing, but my humidifier and I have become obsessed with The Vampire Diaries.  

I was going to drop a picture in, but that made it seem too real and more embarrassing. 

I might need an intervention.  I am a grown woman, and I am watching high school vampires.   An intervention is definitely needed.  Darn you allergies and Netflix!

3.  Just a quick question...when I get home from Saturday School tomorrow (yes, again), should I try the lawnmower or just go straight to the scary rusty machete hanging over tool bench?

Darn you allergies..., and Santa Anas..., and the rain..., and Netflix!

4.  Have you ever had one of those students who you are just praying will finally have a good day?  Well mine finally had a good day!  In my class...I am pretending not to know about what might or might not have happened in the later part of the day.  In my class, he had a great day!  I will take the victories when and where I can get them:)!

5.  Finally, over the last two weeks, our Bigfoot essays and the Iceman have consumed our days!
So what?  I have a Bigfoot action figure:).
The kids did so well with the new organizer, and wrote up a storm!
For some reason, they got really excited about the topic.
I could not be more thrilled by how much effort they put into their writing and how much it looks like actual writing!  In the past with my Read180 kids, it was difficult to get them to write complete sentences and paragraphs.   We have been writing and writing in our Interactive Notebooks daily and they have gotten really confident about their writing!

Since this prompt and tri-fold organizer were such a hit in my class, I put together the Tri-Fold Narrative Prompt and Organizer packet.  It will be the first item for sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  It includes the instructions, a sample prompt filled in, a sample essay, Bigfoot prompt on a Tri-Fold,  and a blank Tri-Fold organizer.  Be one of the first 5 comments and I will send it to you for free!  This is a big step for me, so leave a little love after the download, I am needy that way.

Make sure to head on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching for her wonderful Friday linky party!  It is a nice way to cruise through everyone's week and catch up!


  1. Susan I love the Big Foot idea and will use it in my ELA 6 class on our Writers Workshop Wednesday! Thanks for the great idea and terrific first TPT product. You sure started with a bang! Congrats
    Traveling Through Sixth

  2. Love the Bigfoot idea. I think my kiddos would be very interested and engaged with a topic like this. Congrats on the first TPT product!

  3. I think my sixth grade would think this was awesome ! I really like your graphic organizer too. I think it would help my ELL students.

  4. This would be a big help to my students who are in a narrative unit right now too! With 9 boys and 1 girl, I need more "boy" things! :)

  5. Love this!! Can't wait to use it in my classes!
    Christi Bacon

  6. So proud of you and all your hard work, my friend! I think you deserve some Vampire Diaries!! :)

  7. No need to be embarrassed about the vampire diaries! Big Foot idea is really awesome!!

  8. HUGE HIT does not begin to describe how well my Wednesday Writers Workshop went using your Big Foot activity. I have been a follower / stalker of your blog for awhile and always learn something new! Wishing I was a bit more OCD but will use whatever you have to share!
    Joanne M
    Come visit and follow me at Traveling Though Sixth

    1. I am so glad! That just made my day, and possibly my week!

  9. Great job with your READ180 kids and their writing! I teach intensive readers so I know the struggle you have getting them to write. By the way, I LOVE Vampire Diaries too. My daughter got me hooked! LOL.