Thank goodness Five for Friday is back, because I have nothing but random thoughts zipping around my brain!
1.  My stapler broke...well, to be honest, it broke after I slammed my fist on to it trying to get it to staple into the stupid wall.
Afterwards,  I realized that it worked better for bulletin boards without that annoying bottom part attached.  I highly recommend breaking at least one of your staplers for bulletin board duty.

2.  Lauren introduced me to those wonderful little peel-off and stick magnets.  It might have been a mistake, now everything not stapled to the wall has magnets on it.

Seriously, everything:)

3.  I finally made my dismissal procedures checklist - according to my research on Pinterest, I was the only teacher on the planet without one.

Of course, they all have magnets on them.  I like the idea of being able to switch one or two out to add in special instructions for that day.

4.  Oh eBay, I will miss you once I go back to school and don't have time to spend wandering your mid-century kitchenware items for things I don't need...

How can one be expected to not bid on pink thermo tumblers and matching mugs with PINK confetti size glitter inside?  Oh eBay, I will miss you, but my VISA will not:).

5.  Finally, thinking about my Maddie!
Lucy snuggled up with her Maddie.
I love her beyond words.  She has a growing mass on her left hip that is starting to make it really difficult to get up and down.  She will be 13 years old on December 31st.  So it has been a difficult week trying to make the best decision for her.  Her blood work came back saying that everything is functioning well, and the x-ray showed little arthritis.  We decided to go ahead and try to remove it.  Her surgery is Monday.  My first official day is Wednesday.  It means that my first week back to school will be stressful and hectic, but my family and friends are going to pitch in and help out with her care.  I am going to try to be grown up and positive.  As I have been working on this, she has come in four times and almost knocked me out of the chair - I have been at work all day and it is time for us to play.  How can I not be positive when she is acting like that:)?


  1. The bunting was a freebie!
    Thank you for your prayers, that girl has seen me though a lot in the last few years:).

  2. Your recommendation to break a stapler made me laugh out loud - for real! :) Hope all goes will for Maddie and she's moving around much easier after her surgery!

  3. I saw the picture of your stapler and said, "Hey, that's like our gimp bulletin board stapler!" My partner in crime at school and I share custody of one of these great tools. I hope the surgery goes well!