Read 180 Rotation Signs

Well, we have had a very quiet day here at Canine Recovery (again, I will spare you the pictures).  With school starting tomorrow and my duties as Maddie's nurse, I thought it would be a good thing to do a quick post while I had a moment.

Last year was a struggle, so this year I wanted to make sure that every possible structure was in place before they walked in the class room.  Organization is a key element in any successful classroom, but especially in a Read 180 classroom.  One of the things that I made were these Read 180 rotation signs with the cute frames that I got from Kristen Wallden's store.

CreativeClips by Krista Wallden 

After laminating the signs, I put lots of those wonderful peel off magnets on the back of them to hang on my unused chalkboard.
For the rotations, I will move the group names to the appropriate sign.  Not only will they help with the movement of rotations, but they serve as a mini-checklist of expected behaviors for each rotation.  If a student is not on task, I can simply refer them to the signs to review the expectations.  These will go in their Read 180 folders too.  Before too long, I will probably end up revising them to fit the needs of this new incoming group.  Right now, they reflect problems specific to last year's group.

Tomorrow is our "teacher day" or whatever they are calling it these days, and my classroom just needs a few finishing students and maybe a little more laminating (at this point, global warming is entirely my fault).  I will take some pictures before Back To School Night to post.  They are always happier and more realistic pictures after students have been in the room.

Hopefully, I will have another post this weekend.  Just a FYI: I have decided to drop out of the linky circuit.  I found myself stressing and struggling to come up with things to post and link about that I would never use in my classroom, and making myself crazy(ier) in the process.  Not to mention trying to keep track of all the linkys.  So I am only "linking" when it works for me, and only to share what I am doing in my actual classroom.  I just can't keep up with all of you; I am old and I like things like sleeping and watching TV:).


  1. Love the new blog design.
    AMEN to making projects you will use...I had this same A-HA moment the other day in my class.

    Have a great year.

    1. Thanks! Megan did a great job:). And I am in awe of bloggers who have drive and energy to do all the linkys and projects, I just need to keep my focus and work on a LESS stressful year:). If a linky pops up and fits my plan, I will be happy to jump on it - love those linkys:).