Bulletin Board Progress!

Today my wonderful contractor put up a beautiful tall fence and gate.  Maddie the Lab stayed home to supervise, and Lucy went to school with me because she is afraid of jackhammers.
See Lucy and my beautiful teal carpet from the 1980's?

I am doomed to have it forever because Maddie is going to need some surgery.
So my wonderful contractor just installed the fence and not the pergola, because puppies before pergolas!  Tomorrow the AC guys come and install a new AC unit, so I was frantic to get to school.  Lucy was not very helpful, but she was adored by all who saw her.  In between adoration sessions with Lucy's new fans, I managed to get up all my paper and most of the border.
As promised,  I added pictures of my Why Read  board and updated yesterday's post.  Usually the text on my bulletin boards is large enough to read from across the room, but this was a lot of text to get up there on the board.  Parents will have to walk across the room and take a good look at it - which is good thing, so I am glad it turned out this way.
Here is a close up of how I did the stacks of books. 

This is a little peek at my Future's So Bright board.  I LOVE how the Sun turned out.  I used yellow napkins for the rays.  I opened them up, then pinched the center, and stapled twice.  One staple to hold the form of the "ray" and one to the board.  Then I stapled the yellow plate to the center.  On the curly border, I hung little bright colored sunglasses that I got at Party City.  I had planned to hang giant gag sunglasses, but I couldn't come up with a presentable to way to attach them to the board.  I will think on it some more and they might go up eventually.
Earlier this summer, I got these cute sunglasses from Ashley Hughes as a freebie at TpT.  After playing around with them, I managed to place them as a frame.  I placed the frames on black construction paper and will laminate them (after having the color copies made, I figured I had better get more than one use out of them).  During the first week of school, I am going to let the students pick one of the giant gag sunglasses to wear and take their picture.  The pictures will be taped, and not stapled, to the laminated frames.  Hopefully, this board will be a show stopper at Back To School Night.

Tomorrow, the AC guys are here.  So, no work in the classroom, but I be sharing my Read 180 notebook and a sample rotation schedule for a single period.

p.s.  I just realized that the Middle School OCD Facebook page has reached 40 followers!  Thank you!!!!


  1. I know what you mean about puppies before pergolas....what we won't sacrifice for our pups!

    Love that sunshine! It turned out so cute!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. your boards look great. You are making me freak a little though. I need to get up to my classroom! (I can start going tomorrow)

    Hodges Herald

  3. How did you create your curly border? It is fabulous!

  4. Aww! Lucy is cute!! You did a fantastic job with the post. Keep it up.
    signmaker sheffield