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Jivey over at Ideas By Jivey is a total enabler of my Pinterest addiction!  And I will love her forever because her June Workshop Wednesdays is Pinterest Professional Development!  Plus, she is defying the blogging world by making it not just Wednesdays, but the WHOLE month.  And you can link up as many times as you want (I don't think she realizes how serious my problem is with Pinterest, and blogging, and....).  The woman is an evil genius!


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I love this so much better than the old gallon jug with the quart and pint bottles inside it.  The letters are easier to memorize and draw quickly.  My students used this for ratios, and I saw them drawing it on their scratch paper during state testing.

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We used this to make a little foldable during our Boot Camp HW in the weeks before testing.  It was a great review.  For this next year, I plan on including it in our Math notebooks - during the first few weeks of school.

Parent Communication

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Just saw this one last night, and I am going to look into getting some made next week.  I was going to do business cards, but this is one step further and fantastic!  I want to put the school website and gradebook connection information on it.  No more excuses about how they "forgot" how to sign on to check their child's grades.

This is a month long linky, so I am sure to find more Pins to share!  Have a great weekend, and make sure to visit Jivey over at Ideas By Jivey!
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  1. I love the big G- I used it with my kiddos this year! Thanks for linking up! I can't wait to see more of your pins... :)
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  2. Vistaprint has magnetic business cards you can buy. I got some last year and the parents loved them. Just keep an eye out for a sale.


    1. Thanks again for the tip! I spent some time last night playing around with designs, but I am going to keep an eye for a sale!