Monday Made It!

I am so ready for the Monday Made It with 4th Grade Frolics!
School Made It
Every year I lose too many packs of flash cards.  I know that they are on the dollar racks at Target and everywhere else, but I buy them every time I see them.  This year, I am going to try a check out system with the flash cards. 
I started with clipboards, library pockets and cards, labels and (totally cool) colored plastic sandwich bags I found at Albertson's.
I glued the pockets down and then used packaging tape across the top, middle and bottom of the board.  Each pocket got numbered with a cute label (I bought them...I haven't figured out the magic spell for making my own yet:).  Each pocket got a library card.
Then I took the corresponding color plastic bag and labeled them. 
 When I was done, I had these four beautiful clipboards.  Each one easily holds four plastic bags, with the cards inside, under the clip - I tested it.  Hopefully, this will help me keep better track of the flashcards, and get them returned to me in better condition.  

Home-Made It
I have been promising Lauren from Life in the Middle a scarf for about two months now.  It is finally finished.  
I used the little circle loom and three skeins of yarn.  One skein of yarn for each strand.
I tucked the three completed strands under a clipboard, and carefully braided them.  Then I sewed the un-clipped-boarded (yep, I made up a word) ends together, and wove a long piece of yarn through the middle of the scarf to keep the braid from falling apart.  The excess was used to sew up the ends under the clip board.
Adding the tassels was a little tricky because the ends were so thick.  I ended up pulling through two pieces of yarn at a time, and tying them in a little randomly.  Don't hesitate to ask questions about either of my little projects:)

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  1. Colored baggies, colored baggies, COLORED BAGGIES?????????????
    How could I not know about this?
    I must have these! I am three states away from home and I am considering a request to the grocery store! I'd have to toss out a few articles of clothing to fit these into my suitcase, but it would be worth it.
    Must. Get. Colored. Baggies!

    Sending you delighted hugs...
    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    PS Today I blogged about KitKats being an OCD teacher's dream... love the way they break on the lines... Thought of you!

    1. I am sure you heard me clapping my hands and squealing like a second grader when I saw them! I found them after I got the pockets and labels - they matched perfectly! So happy:)

  2. I love your flashcard organization. Such a great idea! I didn't know there even were such a thing as colored baggies. YAY! Your new scarf is so beautiful. I made one on a loom once also. So fun!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

    1. Thank you! I think that they will work. If the baggies tear, they can be replaced. See my reply to Kim in regards to how happy I was when I saw them sitting on the shelf:) Love the looms, I got hooked on them when my dad was sick. They are easy to put down and pick back up again.

  3. I'm excited about my scarf!! When the weather isn't so hot - I can't wait to wear it! ;)

    Life In Middle School

    1. You are not going to wear it now??? I thought you liked it:)

  4. Your clipboards are great. I'm sure that will really keep everything very organized.

    room 4 imagination