This will be a quick Currently!  Since I accidentally posted it after I put the title on top:)  Oy vey!  Blogger needs one of those do-over arrows like Word has in the tool-bar, that is all I am saying.  I am just going to keep updating as I go, so you might have to circle back and check for the ending later.  Thank you!  I love you all for understanding:)

So here I am linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her (a little early) Currently!
Listening - It occurred to me this week that I was finally able to just read.  It may sound silly, but over the last year it has been impossible for me to not have the TV or radio going in the background.  I have even been setting the sleep timer on the TV just to go to sleep.  Before my dad passed away, the house was so busy and noisy with people and medical equipment.  Afterwards, the silence was suffocating.  This week I realized that I had been happily reading a silly romance novel for over two hours in total silence.  Progress:)

Loving - Does this really need any explanation?

Thinking - My oldest sister was just here for a quick visit.  My next to oldest sister and I spent a few hours on the phone two days ago.  My sister-in-law and I had a very extensive chat yesterday with my brother shouting comments to me in the background.  And I have been receiving the most beautiful pictures and texts about my other brother's six week long camping trip from the road.  I am truly blessed with wonderful siblings - not that we don't make each other crazy from time to time:).

Wanting - Does this really need any explanation?

Needing - The OCD part of the title is just a tiny little issue for me.  I have become obsessed with followers, linkys, and page views.  I need to remember that this is not a competition.  I started to share and network with other teachers.  I started because I felt out of the loop and wanted to learn new things to try in the classroom.  This is not a competition.  Did I mention that being super competitive was a just a tiny little issue for me too?

Hints - When my "to do" list is overwhelming me, I break it down on to Post-it notes.  That way, I can tackle just one thing at a time, and throw that baby in the trashcan when I am finished.  It helps:)

Don't forget to go over and link up with Farley for the July Currently!  And most importantly, don't forget to leave a little love for your other bloggy friends!


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    1. Thank you:) Seriously, Blogger needs a do-over arrow!

  2. Has it ever occurred to you that we may be related?! Your Currently matches my thoughts completely! I LOVE the idea of quiet and just thinking of NOT having to do things!
    I have been known to break my To Do list into "tasks" and tape them to the wall. Then I ceremoniously take them down when they are completed. Sometimes I color-code them, but I already know that you would understand that tendency.
    Glad you had a chance for some sibling time!
    Happy just-doing-nothing time...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  3. Loving your Needing! I've been there! You have to find the right balance for you and if for some reason it doesn't happen, force yourself to move on. We are all in this together and loving the networking all over.

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane

  4. I'm planning on breaking in to your room next year and posting the photographic evidence of those to-do post-it lists!! (heehee)

    I agree on the obsession thing - I'm too worried about feeling stupid over my small number of followers, why don't I do more linkys... Bleh.

    I think we were going to get together this week to plan! I know that I might have some "re-proving" of my awesomeness to a certain person in the office, so I need to start now. Let me know... I think boy and I will stop by (if you want us) to visit this week. :)

    Life In Middle School

  5. I found your blog through the Currently link, and love it!!! Thanks for the lunch bag idea. I'm always looking for ways to organize my students' interactive notebooks!


  6. Your "needing" part of your Currently post made me smile! Sometimes my high school sports mind doesn't leave me, and I bring that competitive edge into everything that I do! I know the feeling of telling yourself to settle down and not be competitive but then not being able to help yourself! Also I completely agree that a huge "to-do" list can be really daunting. Breaking up onto post-it notes or goals for the day is the way to go! :) Hope your summer is off to a great start!