Construction Paper Organizer

Just a brief little post today.  Going back into the empty classroom is always a challenge to me, so I decided to look at it as jump-start on the next year and attack that room!  At our site, we  have an orientation for 6th graders a few days before our "work day", and I like to have my room ready for it.  For the last  three years, I have arrived at school early  to set up only to find my furniture stacked to the ceiling and my carpets still not cleaned.  That is when I started hyperventilating.  So, time spent now is less time hyperventilating later.  As crazy as it sounds, I am really enjoying my super-duper-no-holds-barred classroom clean out and reorganization!  Just me, some tunes, and plenty of cupboards and closets to clean.  I am a simple girl and these are the things that make me happy.

Yesterday, I showed you my Big Lots loot.  Remember the pots and pan organizer?
Well, they worked beautifully! And yes, I bought three.  And yes, I left that part out yesterday. 
I really liked how they slid right up next to each other.  It was tempting to tape them to the shelf, because they slide just a bit.  However, this way I can stash stuff behind them and being able to slide them gives me easy access.  Sad selection of construction paper, but at this point I consider myself lucky to have something to organize in the paper cupboard at all!

More tomorrow!  I think I figured something out that puts me on the genius level!  Of course I was blessed with the label of  "gifted" as a child, but the older I get the more I question the validity of that assessment.  So excited to show you my solution to a really annoying problem in my classroom, but I did promise that this would short:(  So, you are going to have check back tomorrow!


  1. What a clever use of a pot and pan organizer! I think I'm going to have to steal that idea! I admire you for tackling the organization and clean out early in the summer. This way, you will be able to enjoy those last few weeks before going back.

    BTW -- Did you know that you were a "No Reply Blogger?" This means I can't reply to your comments because your email is blocked. If you need to know how to change this, visit Ideas by Jivey and she has a GREAT tutorial!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

    1. Oh thank you, and here I was thinking that nobody loved me:). I thought I did that part correctly, ha!

      Cleaning out now is so much nicer than doing it in the 100+ temps of late July, the AC will not be on consistently until our "official report day." Crazy but true!

    2. Okay, I think I fixed it. If you have a moment, will you try it? Thank you so much for letting me know.