Five For Friday: Back To School Night!

Since I survived my frantic week, I thought it was time to unwind and share a little.  Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching is a great way for me to process and unwind for the weekend.  My "five" is really more like a million and one, but I am not sure I can even manage to get "five" posted before collapsing!

1.  Or 101° is more like it!  And I doubt that is even the high for the day!  We are getting serious summer heat.  Hank and Lucy got treated to a doggie day spa - low budget style!
Please don't judge the state of the puppy yard.  It was so pretty and perfect, for about a day.  Then I had to leave Hank and Lucy in it.
2.  One of the things I love about teaching is hearing the things that kids say and messing with them, just a little.  After 28 years, you would think I would tire of responding to every "Can I go to the bathroom?" with, "I don't know, can you?"  It just never gets old, it cracks me up every time; I am evil that way.

3.  Our Read 180 Next Generation materials finally got delivered!  In a gazillion boxes.  Right before Back To School Night!  OMG!

Of course, I couldn't just cram them all into the closet.  OCD me had to unpack them all and find the appropriate place for the contents of each box.  I am pretty sure that type of behavior is on some mental health checklist.

4.  After being promised access to the software for two weeks, we finally got it yesterday.  Today, my kids were on the SRI all morning.  I only have two or three who might need to move out.  Still, I am sad about it.  They are such a great bunch!

5.  Back to School Night!  It worked out so well!  Their Mini-Me-Maroos turned out so well!  OMG!  They are so cute!  I was so glad that I went to Joann's Fabrics and got them some material to use.  They were so happy that they got to start over again, more like thrilled!  I just wanted to share some long promised pictures!
This was the view from the door!

We did these on the second day of school.  They weren't allowed to use scissors.  Before we put them up, they tore the edges off.  We decided that they look like they belong in a comic book.

The overhangs were covered with their cave paintings.

Along with their Mini-Me-Maroos, we did an in-depth close reading and response.  It was a serious wake-up call for some of the students to see their "mark-ups and questions" compared to their peers.  We did a walk-around the day before we put them up.  They were able to take them home and work on them some more.  Most grabbed the opportunity and came back with improved passages and responses.

I wish that you could see how adorable their pictures are, but I am very protective of my babies.  We used pre-cut "people" and there was a selection of fuzzy fake fur and felt fabric for them to choose from.  They did such a cute job!  Parents were floored!  They had to take pictures of their child with the matching Mini-Me-Maroo.
 A long view of the back of the room to close out the post.

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