A Peek At My Week: Back to School Night!!!!

This is going to be a short and somewhat panicked post!  I didn't want to miss linking up with Jennifer (of Mrs. Laffin's Laughings) for her Peek At My Week linky, but I am running out of time!
It felt as if I brought home the contents of the entire classroom for grading and planning this weekend.  Of course, that means that I didn't get to the Social Studies or the actual planning part!  The thought of planning has me going into melt-down mode!
  • We were supposed to have access to our SRI and new Read 180 materials last Monday - still waiting!
  • Back To School Night is this Wednesday, and I still have cave paintings to hang, close reading passages with comprehension questions still need to be framed (and answers typed)...
  • My brilliant idea for them to make a Mini-Me-Maroo????? Total fail on Friday!  They look like the kid from Where the Wild Things Are, which would be cool if we weren't reading Maroo!
  • So, I made the decision to go out today to reprint their pictures, pick up some pre-cut kids (we tried tracing and cutting out on Friday - total fail!) from the local teacher supply store, and braved Joann's Fabrics on a weekend.  I rummaged through their sale piles, and remnants, used my coupons and my teacher discount card to get some "Maroo" type fabrics.  Tomorrow, we are rebooting the Mini-Me-Maroos, and nothing else until they are done!  I take total responsibility for Friday's fail; supervising cave painting and Mini-Me-Maroos on a Friday afternoon was not very smart!
Since I was building up to a serious anxiety attack, I have decided to thin out a few expectations for the week.
  • For example, lesson plans.  How can I lesson plan when everyday the SRI gets pushed back?  I just need to relax about it and go with the flow.  Lesson plans will happen when Read 180 happens.
  • Monday is all about being ready for Back To School Night on Wednesday.  I want all of their little projects done tomorrow.  I can turn into a raving lunatic on the days of those parent nights when I am stressed out.  We are going to do a Math lesson, and then finish up the loose ends.
  • Social Studies papers do not NEED to be graded tonight.  They can just as easily be worked on tomorrow night or the next.
  • I am going to bed and watch a little a Stargate:SG1(Richard Dean Anderson is my happy place).
  • I am going to leave for work at the same time, not compulsively early.  I am going to stick to my routine of doing my 40 minute walk with the dogs - endorphins, I need endorphins!
  • Tomorrow during prep, instead of making a new one, I will polish up my PowerPoint from last year for the parents, and make my handouts for Wednesday night.
Good Night All!  Don't expect to hear from me until after Wednesday!  I promise pictures!

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