Monday Made It: Craftsy

Linking up today with 4th Grade Frolics for the Monday Made It linky, and it will probably be my last one of the summer. 
This will probably be my last one of the summer.  School starts back up in just a few short weeks, and I need to get on it!  However, I am very pleased with myself this week.  I was very "domestic."

Yes, it is true!  I hemmed my curtains and finally hung my fancy mirror.


This was a mid-century tablecloth, with stains.  I found it during one of my antique trolling outings.  After much maneuvering, I was able to cut it and make a pillow - my bed needed a bit of color.


The smaller gray pillow was made this week too!  Last spring, I found these beautiful king size pillow cases with the embroidered border at Bed, Bath, And Beyond, in their sale bin.  I carefully ripped them apart, and turned them into smaller pillow cases.  The pink pillow is the first time I used piping!  There might be a reason why you are not seeing the bottom of the pillow...  I am pretty proud of it!  It is not perfect, but the next one will be better!

Since I had never used piping before, I looked it up on Craftsy.  Craftsy is a super wonderful website that has tutorials on just about everything "craftsy."  

They offer classes on quilting, sewing machine basics, tailoring, sewing with knits, not to mention a million others.  Their classes are a mix of free and paid ones.  They are online videos, which is awesome for me!  I really like being able to watch something new being done.  Once you buy the class, the video is available to you as many times as you need to see it.  

All together on the bed, I think they look really nice.   I still need to make a couple more.  Definitely another pink one, and I am thinking about making a light gray one to put behind the floral one.  Ignore the black and white fluffy one, it came with the bed:).

As for school, I have putting together a notebook for Common Core (not exactly picture worthy), and working on my "I Can" statements.  With school coming up fast, I need to shift out of "domestic mode" and move up to "school mode!"

Make sure to go on over to 4th Grade Frolics to see what everyone else has been up to!  Have a great week!

p.s.  Some of you were concerned about me walking considering there have been mountain lions spotted in the neighborhood (see yesterday's post).  I promise you that I am being very careful!  We are walking in well lit residential neighborhoods, not hiking trails.  Plus, Hank may be a puppy, but he is a 7 month old, 70lb, German Shepherd-Catahoula mix puppy, from an awesome set of "working parents." Any animal or human that tried to mess with me or Lucy, would find themselves in a world of hurt.  Not to mention, I have pepper spray, a whistle, and pointy walking stick (more of a staff), and I will not hesitate to use them any or all of them on animal or human.  And finally, I have been teaching middle school for 26 years; I laugh at mountain lions!:)

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  1. Well you have been super craftsy! I feel like I need to go make some stuff for my house...that doesn't involve sewing! Lol!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'