Kid and Lesson Friendly "I Can" Statements!

I finally finished my "I Can" statements for 6th Grade Language Arts!  It took way longer than I expected it to take, but I am really proud of them.  I wanted them to not only be "kid friendly," but also "lesson friendly."  My printer is going right now, printing out my set of the 108 "I Can" statements in the packet! One hundred and eight pages...that is even a record for OCD me:).
I kept them simple and clean!  No silly graphics or "little kid stuff" on them! 
Included in the packet is the checklist that I used to make the posters.  Each standard with the matching "I Can" statements all on one list.  I am going to keep a copy of it in my lesson plan book and another in the "I Can" binder (yet to be made).
Be sure to go over and check out the list (full preview) at Middle School OCD @ TPT!

I am out of here!  My sister and I are taking a two hour painting class in just an hour!  She will kill me if I am late.  It will be interesting:)


  1. I have wanted to complete a project like this for a while. How did you get started with them? How do you plan to use them in the classroom (will you still write daily objectives or will these be your objectives)? Thanks for the help and inspiration!!
    ~Amanda from His and Her Hobbies

    1. I just discovered these and saw your comment. Did you ever get a reply? If so, could you share it. Thanks so much!