Read 180 Browser Notebooks

Read 180 "Browser" Notebooks

Today was our last minimum day of                  .  So, it seemed like a good time to go through the Read 180 pages that I had been working on and put one of the notebooks together.  

As usual, my goal to work the kinks out of ONE quickly evolved into ALL.  I used simple 1 inch notebooks, and ended up using about nine of them.  Driving to work this morning, I had one of those brilliant flashes of genius and decided to combine the Graphic Organizers and Quickwrites for each book in the appropriate notebook.  They turned out a little bulkier because of that, but my shelves sure look better.

This is a sample "book browser" page in one of the notebooks.  I simply cut the posters up and organized the book pictures and blurbs by Lexile - regardless of the "Level" that Scholastic had them in.  I pasted four per page (one sided), and slipped two of them (back to back) in a plastic protective sleeve.  Hopefully, this will make it easier to change and move as we add books to our library.

The Graphic Organizer/Quick Writes that go with each book have been in file folders (alphabetical in bins on top of a small bookcase), and they were a mess.  I put the Graphic Organizer/Quick Writes pages into plastic protective sleeves at the back of each notebook.  Eventually, I will have to label the sleeves to make refills easier.  Each notebook ended up holding about 12-16 "books" and the Graphic Organizer/Quick Writes that go with each one. 

They are not color-coded yet, but will be before next year.  It occurred to me that going to all the trouble of picking out the perfect colors might come back and bite me in the you-know-what if I couldn't find the same colors in spray paint or contact paper when it comes time to do the bookshelves.  At least one thing is semi-checked off my list!



  1. The binders look beautiful and so student friendly! Can't wait to see your color coding :)

    The Organized Señorita

  2. Thank you! The kids saw them today, and they think the system will work better. My 8th grade TA was even more excited - it has been her job to straighten up the mess:)

  3. I like your idea of breaking the books and their "blurbs" up into the binder. I have my quick writes already broken up this way into a binder. I have a master copy in the protective sleeve and student copies in the rings behind. That way I know if we are out and need to make a copy.