Happy Birthday to Me Sale!

Real quick post to remind everyone that I am throwing a Happy Birthday to Me Sale! You would understand why this has to be quick if you could only hear the deep and long suffering doggie sighs that are going on from under my desk - we haven't done our morning walk yet!

Starting today through my birthday, everything is 20% off!  So go and move those items off your "wishlist" to the "downloaded" list!  Remember, it is my birthday...and I need something to celebrate.

for my birthday (sometimes I really crack myself up:)!

p.s.  Last night, I noticed that I have 493 followers!  What!?! How did that happen?  So close to that bloggy benchmark of 500! So excited and happy!  Thank you!  

p.p.s. Remember, my birthday is coming up, so if you are not following on Bloglovin'...well, 500 would be nice...since it is my birthday and all:) Thank you again!


  1. Happy, happy birthday to YOU! Hoping you hit that 500!!! xo
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Happy Birthday, Susan! I hope that your days are filled with Birthday happiness!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  3. Add one more to your Blovlovin' list - hey, it's the least I could do...lol
    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day
    Jackson In The Middle

  4. Happiest birthday wishes to you, my friend! I hope you hit that 500... and I think you will! I haven't grown much since our giveaway. I'd say it's time for another, but then I remember how much work it was! haha!

  5. #500 on Bloglovin :) Happy Birthday!