Update: Dog, Yard and Before Pictures Filled Post!

Well, school has been out for a week now and I have been busy.  Obviously, not blogging busy, but getting my house and life together busy!  Just to make sure you all know that I love you and truly plan on getting back on the blogosphere real soon, I thought I would take a few minutes and post some pictures of what has been going on this last week.

1st - Hank came home!
Lucy was so happy!

Remember this picture from Spring Break?

Well, here is a similar pose from the two of them earlier this week.

This adorable puppy?

Grew into this teenage troublemaker:)
 Lucy and I are both getting used to have a BIG and playful dog back in the house.  However, he is taking his protection duties seriously...

2nd - Security

...Which is a great thing!  Earlier this spring, one of my sweet neighbors had her door kicked in during the middle of the day!  Which led me to get my first non-canine security system.  I settled on one that I installed myself this week, and one that I can OCD myself happy by checking to see if I armed it just looking at my phone.  It is a nice feeling, but Hank greeting unwanted guests at the door would lead them to call 911.

3rd - Yard

Last week, my wonderful tree trimmer and all around big stuff yard guy came with his crew and took care of all those big things that I could not get to this winter.  Then I called my landscaper.  Last year, he took out the grass on the south side of the driveway and parkway and replaced it with xeriscaping.
This year, we are working on Phase 2 and 3.  Which includes pulling out all the vegetation on the south side of the house, putting in 2 new drains, and laying down weed cloth and gravel, and putting in a little paver/patio area in the little dog yard, and xeriscaping the rest of the parkway.

Along the way, he has to change some of the sprinklers to be more water efficient (we are in a huge drought out here), so we decided to de-thatch the front lawn.  That will allow me to mow and edge more easily until I have enough money for Phase 4 - removing the front lawn completely!
Of course, all of this means that baked treats must be provided daily for the guys.  And since I did it before, they are expecting it.

4th - Closets

Way back in December, right before I fell and cracked my sternum (again, not recommended), I was in the middle of switching up and moving rooms.  The treadmill cannot be moved out of the room it is in, so it will have to stay there.  This is what the workout room looks like right now.
Not very workouty:)

This is what the office/sewing room looks like right now.
That box on the table threw me for a loop a few days ago.  It is filled with mementos of my mom.  I made the mistake of opening it up, and had to walk away from the office for a bit.  Funny how it just washes over you like a wave out of nowhere.

Everything is shredded and filed, so actual progress has been made.  The closet is being switched out with the closet in the workout room, thus the boxes everywhere.  I have to go through the sewing boxes too, most of it was my mom's.  One of my nieces just got her first sewing machine, and I am going to pull some of my mom's notions and things for her to have.  My mom would have wanted that.

Today I am digging back in and setting things right!  My goal is to have the closets reorganized and done today, and hanging pictures the rest of the week.   I promise "After" pictures of both rooms.  I am anxious to get started on some planning and "products" for TPT.  I am sticking to my promise to only put items in the store that I am using in my classroom, so I have a few things to clean up for TPT.  Plus, so many more units and ideas to share, but I getting organized comes first!  More later!  I have an office to organize!

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  1. I love the pictures of your dogs! It makes me happy:) I hope to get organized too - go through all those kitchen cupboards!!
    Thanks for sharing your great pictures.
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