Office and Sewing Room Update!

Happy Thursday!

It is hard to believe that 3 weeks of my summer have already flown by!  Today is my sister's last day of school, and she has been hating on me for weeks now.  However, come August, it will be a different story!

I have been really busy.  Not exactly blogging or TPT busy, but very busy with homeowner stuff.  The yard is done, and today is the 2nd day of my vacation that there have not been landscapers wandering in and out of my yard.  I have learned quite a bit about irrigation, and how not to set up a sprinkler system.  The front lawn has been de-thatched and new sprinklers installed.  The parkway has been xeriscaped, and the side yard is vegetation free with gravel and two new drains. 

While the guys were working away and muttering about the stupid guys who installed the original sprinkler systems, I have been tutored on xeriscaping and trying to work inside.  Last week, I shared my before pictures of the office and sewing room.  It is finally done.  I have been wandering around looking at pictures and paintings, and not hammering anything on to the wall.  But today, I finally hung pictures in the master bathroom, and one in the hallway.  I am still not sure what to do with the office and sewing room.  I have several pictures and paintings that I know have to go up.  A couple of them are beautiful watercolor prints of Paris from the 1950's.  I found them at an antique store and am still looking for the perfect frames.

In the meantime, the office is workable and I wanted to share the layout.  I am pretty happy with how things have turned out.  A few finishing touches like the frames, and outlet plates, and I will be content.  Those are things I don't want to rush, the quest is always fun.

This is the computer desk, with the drawers and file cabinet tucked under an extra little work table.  I love how my work-bag fits under the little work table.  And of course, Hank could not stay out of the picture.
This is a slightly different angle showing the big cutting table.  The yet to be framed prints will go on this wall.
On the left is my yarn hutch.  On the right is big cutting table pulled out from the wall and perpendicular to the computer desk.  It slides out easily and at 36 inches high, I could not be happier with it as a cutting table for school and sewing projects.
 Next to the yarn hutch is my sewing desk.  It is the perfect size for the projects that I am capable of working on right now.  Those old jars were my grandmothers.  One is filled with my grandfather's old keys.  The other will be filled with buttons (and I love buttons!).  The hoop was my mother's quilting hoop.  I hung it there to get it out of the way, but now I love it there!  I am looking for some more hoops to fill with old material, and some to leave blank.
This is the closet.  The left side is all my sewing and knitting.  I went through and thinned out my mother's notions and gave them to my niece.  She was thrilled, and I was thrilled because I eliminated 3 boxes worth of stuff.  I wish it were prettier, but the containers all have handwritten labels done by my mother.  I just thought I would continue to use them.
The right hand side is for all of my school and office supplies.  This is just about everything that I brought home to work on!  The only stray basket is by the little work table.  This thrills me!  When I take all that stuff back to school, I will have so much room!
This is the workout room.  All done!  I am pretty sure that my butt got smaller just by setting it up. 

Starting work on stuff for my classroom this weekend.  Tomorrow, I have to finish my online traffic school.  I don't want to talk about.


  1. Everything looks great, Susan! You totally lost me when you were talking about the yard though. You used some big words that I've never heard of. Lol!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Are you going to post some pictures of your new improved beautiful yard? What is xeriscaping?
    Grade 4 Buzz

  3. I love the way you are displaying your yarn. It makes me want to knit something, just by looking at it. I'm with Lisa -- what is xeriscaping?

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  4. Love that office/craft room, Susan! It makes me want to be crafty!!!