A Puppy Peek at My Week!

I am sure Jennifer will not mind if I hijack her A Peek at My Week linky for a chance to share some puppy pictures:).  She asked for more pictures!

And I have to be honest, there was no real lesson planning done this weekend.  I have a pretty good idea of where we are headed, and will sit down tomorrow and map it out for the week.

Fractions:  Yes, there will be more multiplying before we move to dividing.  My hope is to be in decimals by the end of the week.  Last week, I did this really cool activity with my Intervention group.  It was supposed to be an activity for equivalent fractions.  It turned out being something entirely different and totally phenomenal!  I will share it later this week.

Read 180:  Brown Tree Snakes, they love the snakes!  We will be starting a persuasive essay this week.  It will be slow, and we will do it together.  Plus, I have an idea for vocabulary centers that I need to get on.  Our training last week was pretty good!  I have a few freebies and tips to share in a later post.

Social Studies:  We are moving slowly through Mesopotamia.  Last week we worked on an irrigation plan.  They had to show me that they really understood the "irrigation" part of Mesopotamia.  My job would have been so much easier if we lived near an actual river, and not one paved in concrete.  So, this week, we are back to our text breakdown of the Social Studies text.

And now for the puppy pictures!  Oh my gosh, he is so adorable and the absolute smartest puppy ever! I know that some of you are rolling your eyes, but just you wait and see:).  He is a German Shepherd/Border Collie/Cattle dog mix from Old Yeller Ranch Rescue.
His name is Hank, and his paws are my favorite feature.  They look like they got dipped in an Oreo Blizzard.
He just walked in and started chillin' by the slider in the sun room.  Apparently, he has decided that it is his room.
My sister-in-law and I ran to the store, leaving my sweet 13yr old nephew puppy sitting, and this is what we came back to.  When Hank finally collapsed and fell asleep, my nephew covered him up with his own jacket because he didn't want him to get cold sleeping by the window.

Needless to say, we all have a case of puppy love - including the older members of the pack!  I am so grateful to my sister-in-law for volunteering to puppy foster him for me until summer break.  It works out well for them too; one of their dogs is getting up there and not doing so well, so Hank will be a welcome distraction and comfort for the kids when the inevitable happens.   My Lucy is quite the road-tripper, so we will be spending a couple weekends a month up there with them.   Whereas the drive is long, the drive is also beautiful up the 101 and the views are spectacular.
This was the view from their kitchen this morning.  I think I can suffer through it:).

Have a wonderful week!
Don't forget to check back, I will be posting on that great activity later in the week!


  1. I am totally in LOVE -- with that puppy and with that sunrise. It is sooooo adorable that your nephew covered him up with his jacket. Are you sure they will give him back in June??? I don't know how you can stand not being with him. :))

    Thanks for linking up (even though you mentioned snakes--eeeek!).

  2. How adorable is your puppy!! So cute! I'm glad you hijaked the post for that!! Makes me smile!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  3. What an adorable puppy! He reminds me of my beloved Shelby whom we lost just a couple of years ago. She was a German Shepherd/Australian Sheepdog. Something about that black and white coloring on a shepherd body is just irresistible. :)

  4. Your puppy is so adorable! It makes me want one.

    I'm so behind in my blog reading, but I hope you had a great week!