Flash Freebie - Skip Counting Cards for Intervention

Just a quick post tonight!  I revised and "prettied up" something for use in my classroom and wanted to share.

These are intended for use in a small group or Intervention group setting.  I made them after realizing that my little afterschool Intervention group of 6th graders had absolutely no idea how to count by 2, 5, or even 10.  Instead of working on multiple digit multiplication, I threw my humble little lesson plans out the window and spent time working on skip counting, and basic number sense.  We spent several weeks practicing, chanting, and dancing while working on concepts that they missed in the primary grades.  Unfortunately, most of the pre-made cards that I could find were just a little too perky, primary, and cute for my struggling middle school sweeties.  And that is why I made my own set of Skip Counting Cards -  a straight forward, yet colorful set of cards for the slightly older learner.

2’s or even numbers are in RED
Odd numbers are GREEN (except 5’s, which are BLUE)
3’s are underlined in YELLOW
10’s have a BLUE CIRCLE

I suggest printing them out on cardstock, cutting, and gluing them back to back (so that the color set of numbers is on the flipside of the black and white set of numbers), before laminating.  
 After that, they can be used in several different ways.

Seriously struggling students can sort using the color coded side to help them
Students can sort or pull out specific sets of numbers using the black and white side of the cards, and self check by turning them over to peek at the color side.
Have students identify even or odd numbers from randomly selected groups of cards.
Using the black and white side, make a giant 100 chart of the cards.  Flip over the even numbers (or any set of numbers), so that the students can “see” the color pattern.  
You can find these Skip Counting Cards in my TpT store by clicking here!  They will be free until I get up tomorrow morning!   If you do decide to add them to your collection, please don't forget to click on that "follow" button and leave me a little feedback:).

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