A Peek At My Week and Perfect Paragraphs

The bliss of that extra hour is wearing off, and the reality of tomorrow is settling into my brain!  My Interactive Notebooks are still in their basket (untouched), but I have healthy Pear and Walnut muffins made for the week and all of my errands complete. 

So now that the last of the muffins are cooling on the counter, it must be time to link up with Jennifer of Mrs. Laffin's Laughings and share a Peek At My Week with her her linky!

  • This week we will be diving into Prime Factorization, GCF's, and LCM's.  We covered multiples, primes, and composites last week, so hopefully it will go smoothly. 
  • On Friday, we started working on a mini-writing assignment from our latest Scholastic Action magazine.  If you are not getting this magazine, find a way to get it!  You can seriously teach Language Arts from it all week!
  • Each issue has a "Debate and Decide" article for the students to discuss.  I love it because it sets them up to write a Perfect Paragraph or an argumentative essay (if there is time).
  • On Friday, we only had time to read the article and pick sides.  Tomorrow, we will start using our Perfect Paragraph organizer to help them get started on their paragraphs.  As I was looking at my old organizer, I decided to spruce it up a little and revamp it.

  •  A version of this checklist and organizer has been used by more classes than I can remember.  When I started teaching Read 180, I revised it to go along with their examples.  My students go and pull one out of the file anytime they are writing a paragraph or essay.   Not only does it give them a frame to write within, but it reminds them to keep their writing organized.  On Friday, we used it to help us deconstruct a model paragraph from the R-Book.  They were having a difficult time identifying the details.  Pulling it apart and writing it in the organizer, helped them to see and identify the parts of the paragraph.  So on Monday, we will continue the writing lesson with our checklist and organizer.
Somehow I don't think those notebooks are going to grade themselves, so I had better get on it!  

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The Perfect Paragraph Organizer and Checklist packet is in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

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  1. I love Action Magazine. Our strategic reading classes use them all the time. I love all the free resources you can get on their website without even subscribing!!!