A Peek at Multiples and Divisibility

Sunday afternoons are the worst.  They are quiet and sleepy, yet there is an underlying vibe of panic.   I catch myself finding important things to do, as my unopened rolling briefcase of papers and notebooks mocks me in the corner.

Which is why I am linking up with Jennifer of Mrs. Laffin's Laughings for her Peek at My Week.
What?  It is important. At this moment, it is far more important to talk about my lesson plans with the blogosphere than actually writing them.

1st Up
I get to go to another day of district mandated training on how to write lesson plans.  The day before Halloween.  Out of my classroom, again.  I am really struggling with whether I am insulted about having to go to a training about how to write lesson plans, or whether I am just mad that it isn't the day of Halloween or at least the day after.

2nd Thing 
We really need to finish the Iceman Projects.  We were going to finish them last week, but when I got back from last week's training on writing lesson plans, they were put in lockdown.  I hate it when I have to follow through on "promises" of what will happen if I do not get an excellent note from the substitute.  It messes up my lesson plans, and teaching is so much more fun than running "lockdown bootcamp."  We didn't get to do our cave paintings either.  I really wanted to paint.

3rd On the List
Before we start fractions, we have to have a lesson on divisibility rules.  We will be adding this foldable in to our Interactive Notebooks.  If you would like some more information on this, click here to read my post from this summer.

4th, But Not Finally
Multiples with our 100's charts!  Last year, I had to stop during fractions and do this lesson with them.  This year, we are doing it before we even start fractions.  Check out the whole lesson here.

5th,  And Finally
I should start working on those actual lesson plans and papers, but I think I might have a closet or two that have to be cleaned out...


  1. So funny! Blogging about your ideas is such a great way to spend your time!!

    I hate being gone from the classroom, especially when I return to find out that my little angels were not so heavenly while I was gone. Seriously, what's the deal? I hope this week's absence is better for you. :)

    Thanks for linking up! Feel free to do it any time you need to delay grading papers!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. On my "if we get a blizzard and I'm snowed in but still have power" list is to make an animation of a "cloak of divisibility" to show groups of assorted small humorous objects being gathered by the cloak and arranged into their groups... and then show the chart and the rule for that number and why it works. I love your notebook idea.