Currently and Gus

UPDATE!  Gus has been found! Safe and sound:).

For someone who vowed to keep the blogging monster under control, I am sure posting a lot this weekend.  I blame Farley and her Currently!  Or it could be this miserable cold is keeping me home and in the house...
Listening:  I am so glad that I found out about my faulty and decaying AC unit before this blasted heat wave.  And I am adjusting quite happily to forever having teal carpeting.

Loving:  This extra day, it could not have come at a better time!

Thinking:  My sweet cousin lives up in Mammoth (don't hate her, she is a sweet, sweet cousin) and while doing some shopping in Bishop, her beloved Black Lab, Gus went missing.  She is truly heartbroken.  Her love for her dogs was what originally inspired me to get my first dog as an adult.  
 If you are in that area, or know of anyone who is in that area, PLEASE share this with them!

Wanting:  Thanks to a day of rest and an early bedtime, the nasty cold is receding.  So I really just want Gus to find his way home.

Needing:  Well, life is pretty good:)

For me:  Well, I have committed to a training group at my local YMCA.  Getting to the workouts at the end of the day is challenging, but in the end it will be so worth it!.   Since school started, I have been in bed by 8:00p.m.  Since I am up by 4:30a.m. and out of the house by 6:ish, it makes sense.

Have a great month!  And please share Gus' information with anyone in that area!


  1. I enjoyed reading your Currently this morning. I completely understand the AC thing! I live in Florida and we couldn't get along with out it!!! Also, I will be keeping your cousin in my prayers. I hope Gus will find his way home. Isn't if funny how those pets become a part of our family!! Hoping for a safe return soon...

  2. Oh dear, I hope Gus turns up soon.

  3. Glad to hear Gus has been found! Feel better!

  4. Yay for Gus being found!
    Feel better, last week kicked my butt and I got really sick, so I feel your pain!

  5. SO happy to read that Gus has been found!!!

  6. Good luck with your training. Such an awesome commitment!

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