Five For Friday - Notes and Read 180

Whew!  I am done!  Done for the week and done with the heat!  The only thing that got me off the couch was the fact that it was indeed Friday, and time for Five For Friday!
So, five random things about my week and then I can collapse for the night!
It has been unbearably hot this week!  Not just hot, but Texas and Georgia style hot!  Sticky and thick heat, that does not work well with 7th graders in the afternoon...after PE.  There is no amount of air conditioning that could possibly make that bearable...
Yesterday, it was over 101 degrees with huge thunderheads all around at 4:30 in the afternoon.
Did I mention that it was it hot?
My kids have really gotten in to Otzi!  They are so fascinated by his story.  We watched a great video this week.  I chunked it, and replayed it for them so that they could take notes.

 The variety amazed me!  Some chose to mainly draw, and others clustered their information.  I told them that not only were they going to use these notes for their essay, but that they could use them during the quiz next week.  And there was no word bank!  They did pretty good!
Three is for three cheers for Juan!  Our wonderful computer tech who came and spent the day sitting next to my kids trying to figure out why the new computers, headsets, and Read 180 were randomly not communicating.  We are finally up and running in real rotations!!!!  I will spare you the ranting and raving about stupid computers and stupid headsets, and say that my 6th and 7th graders were AWESOME and so patient with "rotating, and now we are not rotating!"  Both classes had complete and successful rotations today...three cheers for us!

And speaking of rotations, my new rotation expectation signs have worked out well!  This year I used neon index cards (instead of name plates) for the different groups.  Today during our rotations, I just used a magnet and put blank cards of matching colors next to the signs.  It was quick, simple, and easy for the kids to see to where they were supposed to be for the next rotation.  I blurred the names to protect the innocent - what can I say, I grew up on Adam12:).
And finally, for those of you who just started this week or won't start until next week, think about this...I have grades due on Tuesday for the 1st mid-quarter progress report!  We have been having so much fun, doing so many activities, and conferencing, that I seriously had forgotten about that thing called a GRADEBOOK!

Oh, I almost forgot!
Thank you so much to my Bloglovin followers!  This week, I noticed that I had passed the 200 mark!  I cannot tell you how ridiculously giddy that made me!  Thank you for letting me share my passion for teaching with you!

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  1. Maybe I won't go back to school. Maybe I will just stay home and read your blog posts...
    What a FABULOUS five... and your enjoyment of the week (despite the heat) is so encouraging... I almost want to go back just so we can read about Otzi (and Maroo!) too!
    Hooray for you...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. We've had a crazy hot, humid week here in Illinois, too. In fact, we lost power at 1:00 Thursday, making the last two hours of the day with no air conditioning. I was very thankful for our storms that offered relief last night (and still today as I type this). And congrats on 200 followers!!!