Brief Vacation from the Digital World

Just a short post to let you all know that I am going on a Digital Diet this week!  All good!  It just seems as if it is the week to take a break.

As some of you know, I am trying to clear out two rooms for remodeling.  Well, it has not been moving along as quickly as it should.  I have been using the computer and blogging as one excuse.  I have to unplug the desktop and printer to move them, and I have been putting it off because of the blog and school work.

Then I am leaving for 3 days to attend a Read 180 conference!  In Palm Springs! In mid-July!  Yea!  I love it when your car can melt from sitting in the sun!  Yea, Palm Springs!

So OCD me was trying to figure out how I was going to write three posts, finish and photograph the projects that go with them, and try to figure out how to schedule and link them before I disconnected the computer.  Not to mention getting all the last minute errands done, yard work, and writing out my 40 million Post-it's explaining to my sister what the dogs are trying to tell her while she is staying with them this week...

As you can see it is time to take a little break:).  I might post on Saturday, but then again I might not. In any case, bloggy vacation will be over by next Monday and a new post will be up!

So tomorrow those rooms are getting finished, and then I off to Palm mid-July, yea!

See you all next week!  Peace out!!:)))

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  1. I like that...a digital diet! I need to do that myself! Have fun on all of your adventures!!!! We will miss you :)