Blog Makeover!

Drum roll please!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you notice anything new?  Anything wonderful?  Anything beautiful and fantastic?  Megan, from A Bird In Hand Designs, made over my blog! I love it! 

When I first started this blog, I promised myself that I would wait at least a year or 100 followers before I had someone make it look all fancy.  Since it usually takes me two years to research and decide on what car I want to buy, I figured that I would spend the year researching and blogstalking until I found the designer I wanted.

Well, 100 followers happened a lot sooner than I ever expected (and thank you so much for that!), and my blogstalking kept taking me to A Bird in Hand Designs.  Then I realized that the Megan from I Teach.What’s Your Superpower?, the Megan that I had been email chatting with, the Megan that had offered up free advice on how to do bloggy things for newbies, was the same Megan from A Bird in Hand Designs.  What made me finally decide to go ahead do it was when she posted that her next opening for a design job was on July 8th.   My birthday!  Obviously, it was time!

If you are interested in reworking your blog, check out her work!  She walked OCD me through the whole thing!  I didn’t even know the lingo, but she explained it all to me.  Poor Megan, last night I realized that we were up to about 28 emails…I had many questions.  She took my colors, likes, dislikes, and fifty million questions, and magically turned them into a beautiful design.  Thank you Megan!

If you checked in for the newest installment of Master Math Notebook, A Gazillion Parts (imagine William Shatner saying that with a resounding echo….echo…), I do apologize!

Remember the OCD part?  Well, let us just say that I kind of got caught up in cleaning out my parents’ estate papers and shredding them (don’t laugh, Shredders Anonymous is real) and cutting out 136ft of laminating (I love the smell of plastic melting, how your scissors just speed through the plastic…)

Not to mention the excitement of the blog makeover,…

And that Bagby of Math Madness,  Lisa from Fluent in Fourth, and Ellie of Middle School Math Moments have  nominated me for a Liebster Award! I am so flattered!

Well, I got a little overwhelmed. 

So today is just about Megan’s beautiful work on the blog makeover!  Check out A Bird in Hand Designs!
A Bird in Hand Designs

Tomorrow, I will accept my Liebster and do my entailed honorary duties that it requires.

Friday will have to be Master Math Notebook, A Gazillion Parts (imagine William Shatner saying that with a resounding echo….echo…)

Thank you for following, thank you for checking in, and thank you for your words of encouragement!


  1. Your blog looks great, very professional! I am thinking of getting a new design myself, so thanks for the heads up!

    Sixth Grade Tales
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  2. I love it!!! It's very you! :)

    Life in Middle School