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The countdown is starting, Google Reader is disappearing on July 1st!  What I want to do is to make sure is that you don't disappear too!  This is only the 3rd month of Middle School OCD, and would hate to lose my bloggy friends and followers before I really hit my stride.  So, I am joining the Show Us Some Bloglovin' Giveaway!  My first giveaway - a little scary, but not as scary as losing my readers!  I am having way too much fun sharing and exchanging ideas with everyone:)
If you have already switched over to Bloglovin' then this will be easy!  If you haven't switched yet, or are not sure if you following Middle School OCD, it is just a few easy steps away!  To make sure you are following, just click on the Follow this Blog with Bloglovin' button over in the sidebar.

If you haven't already done so, you will need to take a minute or two to set up an account with Bloglovin' so that you can continue to follow your favorite blogs. 

When you are done signing up, you can move all of the blogs you follow from Google over to Bloglovin' in a few easy steps.  Just click on this link and they will talk you through it!  After you have imported your list, make sure the blue Follow button on the top of my blog (and your other favorites) is clicked.  If you are following it should be gray and say Following!  When I did this a few of my favorites did not say Following, so I had to click on them again.

If you are already following Middle School OCD on Bloglovin' (and so many of you have already done this that it made my heart sing!) or if you just signed up, please enter the giveaway.  Did I mention that it was my FIRST giveaway?  I haven't done the TPT thing yet, so I thought what better gift for OCD me to give away but a $25 gift card to the CONTAINER STORE!  Who needs Disneyland?  (Okay, I do.  But this is almost as good!)

Since this is my 1st giveaway, I am keeping it simple and a little sillyTo enter, please leave me a comment with your Bloglovin' name and your favorite John Wayne movie (Lauren from Life in Middle School is in possession of an email with my answer:).  The first person who's favorite matches my favorite John Wayne movie (hint: "..., we've got ourselves another war.  A gut bustin', mother-lovin' Navy war. " says his famous co-star.), will win the Container Store gift card! You can try as many times as you like, and the entries are open until Friday! Winner will be announced on Saturday, June 29th.

Again, thank you for reading, being here, and following!  This blog is one of the best adventures I have ever been on!   

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  1. my hubby says it's In Harm's Way... is he right? He's been watching some old movies this past week, nice timing! (I hope)

    Hodges Herald

  2. I don't know any John Wayne movies so I had to do my research and just pick one!!! My bloglovin name is LauraLove2Teach... and I am going to guess... The Searchers?? Geez I am hoping I win :P

    Laura Love to Teach

  3. In Harm's Way?

  4. In Harm's Way! Woot.. Spent a lot of time watching John Wayne with my grandpa!
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  5. My username is my name. Is it bad that I can't remember the name of any specific movies, but I use to watch them all the time with my grandpa and/or uncle when I was home sick from school?

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  6. It's... oh geez! I can't enter! :P Here's my question, do you know where a container store is around here? The only one I've seen is in San Diego.

    Life In Middle School

  7. In Harm's Way

    My username is Emily Wells

  8. In Harm's Way and my username is Sarah McReynolds

  9. In Harm's Way

    I love almost all of his movies.

  10. I am too late...but in harms way and Teembee

  11. I am following (Markisha Herring). In Harm's Way

  12. I am following (mindywells22)

    True Grit is my favorite.

  13. I am following. I love John Wayne and all his movies. The answer would be In Harm's Way.

    Melissa Mize (Bloglovin User name)
    Creations by Mrs. Mouse

  14. In Harms Way. Did you know it is John Wayne week on AMC?

  15. I’m giving you some blog lovin! Come on over and check out and join my linky. Share anything you love, buy, make, or sell for a dollar! It’s really fun to see what cool things people find and make!

  16. Well, everybody has already answered BUT It's "In Harms Way" :) my Momma and GPA like that movie, too!

    My username is "Sara {Miss V's Busy Bees}" on bloglovin!

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  17. Bloglovin' name: Sara Kovach
    favorite John Wayne Movie - True Grit

  18. My bloglovin username is eickejn and my favorite John Wayne movie is True Grit!