OMG! I did have a DITTO book!

It is true!  I found a ditto book in my cupboard today.  Please accept my apology for the statement in my previous post regarding dittos.

Not only that, but I found several file folders full of transparencies.  This is what we had to use in the ancient times if we wanted our students to SEE a map or a picture of something (oh, I miss the smell of burning plastic in the morning).  The color ones were expensive and passed around like sacred tools of learning.  You can laugh, but it is true!  I cannot believe that I taught without Google Images:)

I have to admit that I have not had an overhead projector in my room for at least 5 years, and for at least 2 years before that it was in my closet just in case that newfangled camera and projector broke.  Needless to say, these items went in to the "give away" or "sell" bin.  Maybe some educational museum will be interested.

Also, lurking in my cupboard was this beauty.

This one I am keeping.  I cannot bring myself to put it in the bin.  It hasn't been used in years, but it seems wrong to give up.  It was so much a part of the classroom routine in the olden days.  Is there a DOL support group out there?

Today it was over 100 degrees at my lovely school site, and my fickle air conditioner was ineffectively working as hard as it could, so I only stayed after for a little bit.  However, I did get the Social Studies workbook/resources sorted and in their new containers.  Although I might have to redo them because now that I look at them I can see that the labels do not line up - over time, that sort of thing will make me crazy.

And then I did the Science...

Apparently, I have a few more things for Social Studies.  There is something not right about this picture.  To be fair, I put about 10 things in the give-away bin.  So there would have been three magazine holders, and not just two.  However, I do have one of the best science resource books ever printed.  And it makes up for a lot.

This is a crazy good book for teaching Earth Science, especially if you do not have access to a lab or running water in your room.  It has incredible paper models of just about everything.  The sea-floor spreading one is possibly my favorite, but there is one for rivers, glaciers, faults, erosion, and just about whatever you need.  It is OUT of PRINT!  So if you are lucky enough to have one, hold on to it.  If you are not lucky enough to have it, keep an eye out for it on eBay and other second-hand sites.  We tried to buy it for the whole 6th grade and the only ones we could find were outrageously expensive (Amazon).  Maybe Scholastic will get the hint and reprint or publish a new edition.

Still waiting for confirmation on my schedule for next year, so I have decided to assume the best and organize as planned.  Check back later in the week!  I might find another ditto book or clay tablet with stylus.  Wait, I think we made those one year...

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