End of the Year Meetings

We are winding down our year, with only a day and half left, and running out of energy and time.  Our 6th grade Field Day was today (not to mention the whirlwind of activities for the upper grades).  The kids had a great time - snow cones, popcorn, crafts, archery, mini putt-putt golf, and too many other things to remember.  The teachers are exhausted.  Grades are due, the kids are done, and we still need to meet one more time as a grade level for civilized conversation regarding Field Day.   No drama, but instead of sitting in a meeting 10 months from now trying to remember that "great idea" we had last spring...we decided to simply have lunch together.

End of the year meetings are hard.  Everyone is tired and cranky, a little sweetness goes a long way to encourage the positive:)  To encourage ("bribe" is so harsh) people to come and meet, I promised cookies.  So, while working on grades tonight, I baked up a little "positive atmosphere."  When I was little, I remember asking my grandmother why we had to get out the good china, and make cookies for her Bridge Club and DAR meetings (yep, I had that grandma:).  She told me that good china and cookies reminded everyone to use their manners.  I don't bring out Grandma's china for 6th grade meetings, but her cookies can sure put a smile on a few tired teachers faces. 
It has been a long year, so I made chocolate chip cookies with her wooden spoon and tried a recipe that I have never before.  The recipe card said, "Chewy Chocolate Cookies," and from the way it was written I have a feeling that it might have been my great grandmothers.  This is a recipe that was used when sweet butter was its own food group.  They are delicious, and sooooo bad for you!  But if I hadn't already sent out that email promising cookies at the meeting, I would be tempted to keep them myself.  If you want the recipe, I will be happy to share it.

Last week, for one of our quickly scheduled pre-Field Day morning planning meetings, I made muffins.
These are not Grandma's recipe, but a Pinterest find.  I had never made muffins before I found this recipe.  Sally at {sally's baking addiction} is amazing!  She explains how to make the muffins pop like the bakery ones.  The blueberry muffins and the chocolate chip muffins have been big hits with my colleagues (and contractors) this year:)

Home-baked goodies really do bring people together and make the meetings go a little faster.  Not only will my colleagues be happy tomorrow, but I feel better - baking soothes my soul, and this has been a rough year.  I am off to bed!  Please accept my apologies if you checked in on my modest blog and are now doing some OCD baking:)


  1. Your sweets look dangerously delicious! It's probably best for my health that we don't work together! :)

    1. Thank you, I make myself take it all to school and leave it there. I tend to bake a little obsessively when I am stressed:)